Show #2 The Shadow and Candy Matson

The Shadow and Candy MatsonThe Shadow: The Death Triangle was published in the October 15, 1933 issue of The Shadow Magazine. This is a tale of a land deed hidden away and the only man who knows its location has been murdered. The Shadow must find the paper and must reveal the three men responsible. The three men who form a death triangle. It’s a pretty good rule of thumb that any Shadow pulp novel from the 1930’s is a good one, and this story is no exception. It’s a bang up tale of secrecy, intrigue and murder. There is a major logic hole in the plot, but since when does that matter? Overall, this is classic Shadow all the way. Original Air Date December 12, 1937. Starring a 22 yr old Orson Welles. Agnes Moorehead (Margo Lane) was later termed, “The 1st Lady of Suspense” because of her many appearances on the Radio show of the same name and starred in what may be my favorite radio broadcast of all time: Suspense: Sorry, Wrong Number on May 18, 1943.

Candy Matson: The Cable Car Case Original Air Date July 7, 1949
Candy was bright, tough, fearless and should have worn a sign cautioning “Dangerous Curves Ahead.” She used her pistol infrequently, but was not intimidated by bad guys, regardless of circumstances. Threats, assaults, and even bullets would usually produce a caustic, but clever, response from this blonde sleuth. She and Lt. Mallard (the two occasionally dated) were frequently working the same case, but she usually solved it first. Each job took Candy from her apartment on Telegraph Hill into some actual location in San Francisco. The writers, overseen by the show’s creator Monty Masters, worked plenty of real Bay Area locations into every plot. It was created by Mr. MastersĀ  who originally wrote it as a starring vehicle for himself until his Mother in law convinced him to use a woman as the lead. He found his star in his wife, Natalie Parks. Candy Matson was the most popular show on the West Coast during its run but never had a consistent sponsor so NBC moved it around from time slot to time slot and the show never gained the national success it deserved. This was the 2nd show from the 1st season to be broadcast and is only one of 14 that are known to exist (one is the pilot). There is another recording available but it is actually a recreated broadcast.

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