Show #3 Bold Venture and Box 13

Bold Venture: The Carlos & Juan Story
With his sidekick and ward, the saucy Sailor Duvall, tagging along, Slate Shannon encounters tough situations while experiencing “adventure, intrigue, mystery and romance in the sultry settings of tropical Havana and the mysterious islands of the Caribbean.” The original air date for this episode was December 31, 1951.

Bogart’s Maltese Falcon was dramatized on radio by The Screen Guild Players in 1943, Academy Award Theater in 1946 and the Gulf Screen Guild in 1950. In the latter version, Lauren Bacall played the part originally dramatized by Mary Astor.

Box 13: The First Letter, originally broadcast on August 22, 1948.
“Adventure wanted, will go anywhere, do anything — write Box 13, Star-Times.” ran the advertisement newspaperman-turned-mystery novelist from Dan Holliday, who found out new ideas for his fiction in the many exploits made possible by the letters he received. Played by “The Star of Paramount Pictures” Alan Ladd and created by Ladd’s company, Mayfair Productions, Box 13 premiered In New York City, December 31, 1947, on Mutual’s New York flagship, WOR.

Sylvia Picker appeared as Holliday’s secretary, Suzy, while Edmund MacDonald played police Lt. Kling. Supporting cast members included Betty Lou Gerson, Frank Lovejoy (who we will hear from in many future programs) and Lurene Tuttle. Vern Carstensen, who directed Box 13 for producer Richard Sanville, was also the show’s announcer.

This episode, The First Letter, was Originally broadcast on January 7, 1948.


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