I was born a small child in Seattle, Washington. Unfortunately for my sister, I arrived on her first birthday, thus creating a pattern of general annoyances for years to come. I grew up really rather quickly, what with the years flying by and all and tried my hand at several occupations such as: Hayer, Barn builder, Tactical Radio Operator/Mechanic in the Army, Ground Radio Installation Technician/Mechanic in the US Air Force, Electrician, Apprentice Optician, Dispatcher, Drain Cleaner Tech/Supervisor, Sewage system Maintainer, Fanzine Editor, Mobile Home Mover, Moocher, Cartoonist/Animator, Computer Builder/Repairer, BBS Sysop/Operator, Plastics Warehouser, Inventory Control Specialist, Forklift Operator, Corporate Training Specialist, Video Producer, Customer Service Representative, Customer Service Supervisor, Oracle wizard, Programming Director, Talk Show Host and Radio Sidekick. Through all of this, I’ve always had a great love for Radio, Old-Time Radio in particular and now, I’m hosting my own show on WOMR (Outermost Radio) 92.1 FM Provincetown, MA and WFMR (Furthermost Radio) 91.3 FM Orleans, MA every Monday night/Tuesday morning at 1:00 am immediately following the Anne Levine Show (Where I am the aforementioned Radio Sidekick).

I have always loved radio. My brothers and I used to make recordings with our portable tape recorders and play records or guitars and sing along or play other tapes and make up our own radio “stations.” I enjoyed playing “radio” so much that I spent time in both the US Army and the US Air Force as a radio mechanic/technician. I ended up traveling a lot and installing complex radio systems all over the world (but mostly in the Arctic).

I traded radio in for computers for quite a while and then computers made radio possible for me once again. Several years ago, before the advent of podcasting I was involved with a great group of independent musicians from all over the world who joined together on a website. They decided to start an internet “radio” station and I was one of two people picked to run the place. THAT was a blast. We only played music contributed by the site’s members and my job was to create, maintain and generally tinker with the playlist. From there, I went on to create my own Radio show and then my own podcast which ran for several years on a weekly basis.

And then Anne Levine asked me to be the “sidekick” on her show, The Anne Levine Show, where I’ve been for the last eight years.

And now…


Thanks for tuning in!


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