Burns and Allen, The Bickersons and Speed Gibson of the International Secret Police #2

First Up, Burns and Allen in “All Promises Are Fictitious” – Originally broadcast on April 17, 1940.

Then, A visit with Don Ameche and Frances Langford as the Bickersons and finally:

Episode 2 of Speed Gibson of the International Secret Police: “Speed is Inducted Into The Secret Police,” Originally broadcast on January 9, 1937.


Escape & The Aldrich Family

Escape: Three Skeleton Key

Three men tending a lighthouse on an island off the coast of French Guiana. An abandoned ship, overrun by thousands of ferocious rats, makes landfall inducing a life-and-death struggle against the hungry horde.

James Poe adapted the story for radio in a version that aired on Escape in 1949 and returned to the program by popular demand in 1950 and 1953. Each episode featured a different cast.

The Aldrich Family: Halloween Originally aired October 31, 1940.

A Prank goes wrong as Henry and his pal Toby plan to ring just one doorbell on Halloween. A deep well gets Toby, Henry and Homer in trouble with the law…several times.


Show #1 The Secrets of Scotland Yard and Abbott & Costello

Secrets of Scotland YardWelcome Michael’s Midnight Matinee.

Our first show, originally broadcast on 6/28/11

This week’s show features: The Secrets of Scotland Yard which is undated but probably from 1951 and The Abbot and Costello Program The Matrimonial Agency from October 26, 1944.

The Secrets of Scotland Yard starring Clive Brook originated on the Canadian Broadcasting System in 1950 and ran there until 1953. The show began a new life on Mutual in March of 1957 and ran weekly through June 12, 1958. This was not the end of the show as the University of Texas at Austin started playing reruns in 1974. I believe that this recording was made at that time.

One of the most well known and well loved comedy duos on Radio, Film or Television Abbott and Costello delighted audiences for years and continue to do so today. This show, The Matrimonial Agency is one of my very favorites.

Next Up: The Shadow and Candy Matson